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Exclusive Interview with CEO of TREK Magazine, Oki Samson Mckinggs



    Good morning Sir, It’s good to have you this morning on Pidgin Radio.
Hanging out with Felix. Can you tell us about yourself?

  1. Response: Good Morning Felix. My name is Samson Oki Olatunji. I am born to
    the Family of Mr and Mrs Oki Ayila. My mum is from Sierra Leone while my
    dad is from Ondo state, Nigeria. We are all boys, four in number.
    Unfortunately, no girl in the family. All attempts to get a female child
    even after my birth were futile. Instead, we had another boy. We are
    Soldiers in my family( Smiles). All boys and no girl. I went to early
    nursery school run by white teachers. I attended Victoria Island Primary
    School and Chroma College, Victoria Island for Primary and Secondary
    Education respectively. I proceeded to the Lagos State University ( LASU),
    and obtained B.S.C in Accounting. Afterwards, I did some professional
    courses in Drama and Media.

What is growing up like for?

  1. Growing up for me was fun and beautiful. We were not poor and we were not
    like the Dangote’s of today ( Smiles) but we were comfortable and contented
    with what we have. We could eat whatever we want. We dress fine and clean.
    We hardly hangout because my mum was used to the house. We had the
    Christian and moral values which was instilled in us by our parents.
    Many have said, including my parents that I was always frowning at when the
    younger children are punished especially by flogging and spanking. Since I
    was young, I couldn’t control my feelings by telling the elderly person to
    stop the act. I never liked the idea of spanking children. I discovered
    that many children are abused and the sight of it infuriates me. I believe
    there were some other ways to train a child. Sometimes, body language might
    help to caution a child in public. I believe much spankings may lead to
    abuse, especially the female children.

Question 3
Presently, You spearhead the TREK Magazine. Can you tell what it is about?

  1. After graduation from the university, I started working in the bank. At one
    point, I felt that the job was taking my time. I had to leave home very
    early for work and return late. I started thinking of having my own
    business where I will have ample time to do some things for myself. In
    fact, the spirit of entrepreneurship runs in the family. I resigned from my
    banking job to run my own venture. I started thinking of what to do. I knew
    I had flair for writing, it even earned me an A in Literature during high
    school. I also had flair for pictures especially beautiful images. I made
    up my mind to go into media. I love entertainment as well as its news and
    gists. I later settled for a media and entertainment industry. This led to
    the establishment of MCKINGGS media in 2011. The name is significant both
    as individual and according to my faith ( Christianity). I love putting God
    first in all I do. The MCKINGGS Media Production came into being. Our focus
    was to run a regular media company where we do publication magazine,
    coverage of events, photography, video production and most importantly,
    Content Development and creative idea generation. After 2 years of
    operation, we decided to launch our own magazine where stories and pictures
    will be seen. Since it’s a big market
  2. Since it is a big market and many are already involved, we wanted to be
    different from others. After thinking and many researches, we discovered we
    could carve a niche for ourselves with passion of advocacy for abuse of
    human persons especially women. We planned to advocate for the female
    gender through our magazine. Since it was a movement, we got the name ‘
    trek’ which means moving against vices. We called the magazine ” TREK
    Magazine “.
    Today Trek Magazine has become one of the leading magazine 

Question 4

As an entrepreneur, what are the challenges you face in the course of your

  1. Since we were trying to correct the perception of the society about women,
    we faced challenges because it was more of a public relations job. The
    first challenge was that we published many copies of the magazine which
    were not being bought by people. The magazine had 32 pages but later
    increased to 64 pages or thereabout. It was difficult selling to market
    women. They wanted it for free. Also, some of the personalities were
    difficult to book an interview with. The greatest challenge was funds
    because I had to pay bills, salaries and other renumerations. Some of the
    personalities who would grant us interviews will promise to encourage us
    with a token or even advert. But in the long run, they didn’t encourage us
    in terms of finances.

    Trek Magazine was growing fast and we had access to many places such as

    Enugu. We met a lot of dignitaries such as the wives of the different state

    governors in the counrmtry as well as Senator Oluremi Tinubu. We did a

    story about her and her contributions to nation building during and after

    the tenure of his husband, the then Executive Governor of Lagos State, Bola


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