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“Lagos Chop” CEO, Osatuyi Fummi Exclusive Interview

How did you develop the passion for cooking?

It has  always been in me I just did not notice it, I use to hate cooking
with my mum, whenever she says funmi let’s go to the kitchen I always get
angry, but I went to school and I took two classes that involved in
cooking, which was food&nutrition and catering, I was like give it a chance
funmi and since then, I realized how much I love cooking and eating.

Tell us the idea behind Lagos Chop?

Mmm lagoschop, it all started my first year in Canada, I was in the
hostel and will always cook for my friends, then I will actually call
people to come to eat at my place after cooking, I still do and one day a
friend said since you like cooking why don’t you turn this into a business,
I was like okay I will think about it. And a year later I decided to create
lagoschop and the name was chosen among tons of names .

How has been the journey creating a brand for yourself?

firstly creating a brand is not an easy thing, you need God to say YES to
you first then you can proceed and after that are your challenges, creating
awareness and all the thing you have to do to make your brand grow, but
it’s been God and thanks to my friends and families for their support.
Sometimes I just want to give up but when I think of all that has been put
in I just need to keep going. But yeah it’s been quite a journey

 As an entrepreneur, have there been challenges?

Oh yes a lot of challenges, the very first one getting your brand out
there like I said earlier it’s a roller coaster journey you have to be

Being a Chief Chef in Canada, why Canada?

Hmmm about that I am still not a chief chef I am getting there though,
initially I came here to study nursing and the idea of cooking came while I
was studying nursing so it was not planned.

How did you feel being the official food services at YCEE tour in Canada?

Great it was an honor, even though it was a last minute thing but it was
great I wasn’t the only one I had the support of  My team


    What are your values in life?

 My values honestly its just having a good life a life that glorifies
God, focusing on my studies and my career. I mean these things are really
important to me right now.

   Do you believe in giving back to the society?

Of course, I believe in giving back to the society you know this reminds
me of when I was Still thinking of becoming a nurse I use to say to my self
I will treat everyone that comes to my clinic and give free drugs to people
that can’t afford them but yeah I still have a similar idea in my head I
intend to do a lot for the society when I make it bigger 

Apart from Cooking do you have any other passion or skills?

Yes, i can EAT I love eating, that’s a passion right lol, I love music,  I
know how to make hair, people say I can dance too. That’s it I guess.

  Who is your best Naija Entertainer?

My best entertainer will be Music wise I love Banky W, kiss Daniel
comedy I love bovi and movie Mercy Johnson.

   Advice to youths who wants to chase a dream in life?

My advice: start now and do not allow anyone I mean anyone tell you it’s
an easy journey and don’t be afraid to fall as a matter of fact you have to
fall to be able to rise up. You will be down so many times and it’s okay to
cry but just focus on the last f-stop, that’s where you are going, and
above all put your trust in God.

 Thanks for your time. It’s a really amazing talking to you.

My pleasure

I am Funmi Osatuyi by name  21 years old,
a culinary student
from the city of Vancouver Canada.


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