Di Lagos State Command don arrest Nollywood Superstar Actress, Funke Akindeke Bello wey people sabi as “Jenifa” of di Ogbonge Jenifa’s diary movie.

Di Naija actress Funke been host party with her husband wey bi Abdul Rasheed Bello a.k.a JJC Skillz wey bi singer to take celebrate im birthday on Saturday di 4th of April for their Estate wey dey for inside one Estate along Ajah, Ijebu-Lekki for inside Lagos. Popular Naija Singer wey bi Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley also show face for di party.

Di Police for di State CID wey dey for Yaba sake of one video wey scatter everywhere for di internet come get di informate go their location gho arrest Funke on Sunday, di 5th of April, sake say she hold party wey more than 20 person attend plus other wey dey inside di entertainment industry wey show face for di video, plus say she don break di No Movement rule wey di State government don give their residents as a way to take manage and fight  di spread of di COVID-19 pandemic wey dey affect di country well well.

As check-check still deh go on, di Police don tell di other persons remaining wey show face for di video to report themselves for di State CID for Yaba today wey bi Monday, 6th April or dem gho declare dem wanted.

Dis Press Release na from di Talk person of the Lagos State Command wey bi Deputy Superintendent Bala Elkana.

Since Mr Eazi career rise with solid hit music like “Leg Over”, “Sample you” and “skin tight”, dis Naija singer just dey climb up wit no break for him music career and him also dey rise for other area of him business because no be only music him dey do. Di Naija Singer wey him name be Oluwatosin Ajibade, start him music career for Ghana don make the list of 30 young pipu wey dey under di age of 30 as one of di people wey get business sense well well.
According to Forbes Africa, over 3000 pipu na hin dem first put for list before dem cut am reach 30 pipu.
Mr Eazi na him be di owner of Empawa Africa, his company na entertainment company. congrat mr eazi
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Awa Goment don announce say all Markets inside Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state wey di lockdown affect to Open from 10am to 2pm every day


The National Oga wey Dem put for Task force mata wey concern COVID 19, Mr Aliyu Sani, talk am on Wednesday for di meeting wey him get wit him members.


Him talk say na only Market wey dey sell food and tins wey dem dey use cook na im dey allow to open, na from 10am to 2pm.

weyFor people get big shops wey dey sell food, dos ones fit open from 10am to 4pm. He warn say make pipu wey get big store wey dey sell foods and fruit, check all dia workers before dem start to work.


Lastly Mr. Sani say make pipu wey get all di big shop clean their environment well and lock dia shop by 6pm so dia workers go fit go house early

Today dis morning I say make I enter street go see how Naija pipu dey prepare for dis 14 days lock down. Di one wey shock me pass na how pipu line up for front of ATM since 8am in di morning, many pipu dey withdraw and na few pipu dey deposit. Some don already dey complain say di ATM no dey serve dem well. So I use style ask some of dem why dem no dey use di online transfer method wey back provide? Dia opinion be say, if you wan buy some tin of N100 how you go take transfer dat one, some say how you go take pay all dos pipu wey no get account when you buy tins and wit di way 419 full for town how dem go take trust say di money enter dia account.
I say make I enter bus to hia how transporters dey prepare for dis lockdown, di driver wey I talk to, him say dis agbero pipu dey make tins difficult for dem. Him complain how di agbero boys increase park money just for today only.
How him say him go take prepare for di lockdown na to carry passenger anyhow, journey of N100 he go collect N50 just to say make him see money for himself for dis two weeks.
Anoda worry wey worry some of dem be say, how di goment go take help dem out, how dem go take get di “Relief material”, who be di “vulnerable” pipu wey goment talk say dem go assist.
Tell us how una dey prepare for dis Lockdown?
Na Kingsley Etim bring una this report
Di opposite party wey be (CUPP) don follow chuk mouth for wetin awa oga Presido talk today around 7:45pm.
Di political party say dem support di federal Goment well well for di “no movement” decision wey dem take wey go affect Lagos, Ogun and Abuja for just 14 days. Dem say dis na di best way to use stop COVID 19 to spread.
Di tin wey also sweet dia Belle na wen the President announce say make all small business no worry dem sef pay back dia money wey dem borrow for dis period. Dem say dis decision make sense wella.
Anoda tin wey di party mention say dem like na di fact say goment don talk say make dem turn some public place like stadiums as place for pipu wey dem suspect say dem get di disease to stay.
Though dem feel say di announcement come late but e better pass make oga Presido keep quiet.
Dem tank all di state goment for inside Naija for dia own effort and dem come tell everybody to try continue with di safety method to help make di disease no Waka pass as e don dey.
Dem say dis no be political party issue, na we all Naija pipu dey for inside dis gbege so make all of us awa hand together to fight Corona virus.
Announcer na Ikenga Imo Ugochiyere wey be di talk talk person for Opposition Coalition CUPP
This tori Na Kingsley dey write for pidgin radio
One member of di Senior Advocate of Nigeria wey deh for Lekki wey e name na Ebun-olu Adegboruwa don condemn di action of OGA Presido to stop movement of people, sake say e no get right to stop people movement just like that plus say e no e no get di backing of di National Assembly as dat one dey very very Illegal.
E kon talk say , Oga Presido suppose consult di representative of di state before e gho declare anything, plus say na only di Govonor  for any state thru di House of Assembly get right to make any declaration as e take concern dat state.
Finally, e beg Oga Presido to change wetin e talk and dey sure say e carry di state and their representatives along so dat anything dey do go dey Legal…
this tori na amara write ham for pidgin radio





The disease wey Oyibo people call “Corona Virus” wey don make
many people fear for dis pass week don cause many gbege also
for pipu business and social life.
The pipu wey dey control health matter for the world wey them
call World Health Organization, report say the disease don dey
since December 2019.


W.H.O say dis disease been start for one place wey them call
Wuhan, Hubei, for inside China and on 11 th March, 2020 W.H.O
call this disease “Pandemic”, this one mean say dis disease na
serious matter wey don make many pipu dey shake for the whole
world. Report as of March 21 say more than, 303,000 pipu don
catch this disease inside 187 countries. Dem talk say the disease
don kpai 12,900 people according to W.H.O.

Wetin you go use know say person don catch this disease, the
person fit dey sick from 1 to 14 days and the disease they easily
affect old people and some people wey don get other sickness for

Person fit dey feel:
1. Cough.
2. tiredness
3. Fever.
4. The Person fit find am hard to breath.


This na the steps on how we go fit dey careful To avoid  the



1. Make we dey wash our hand many many times daily

2. Cover your nose or your hand with toilet paper when you

3. No touch your face with your hand if your hand no clean or
shake some body.

4. No hug people or stay near person wey dey sweat for this
period, make you give distance of 1 to 3 metres.



So from Pidgin Radio we dey say make una dey very careful and
follow steps to avoid am.


Na Kingsley Etim bring una this report

M.I don announce say him go comot from Chocolate city after 13years. This one happen after he dropped his E.P titled JUDAH. He talk him new label na ‘Incredible Music’.

Chocolate city na one of the biggest labels wey don dey Nigeria since 2005 when Audu Maikori and Paul Okeugo start am. M.I joined them in 2008. Since that time, he don drop a lot of songs, albums and mix tapes.

Dem make am CEO for 2015 and na that time him brother, Jesse Jagz come back. Under him leadership, Chocolate City don sign artists like Ruby Gyang, Ckay, Yung L, Milli, Koker, DJ Lambo, Kahli Abdu & VHS Safari and Loose Kaynon.

Dis na wetin he talk for Instagram. “There is a lot of truth in my new EP the “Judah EP.

I had a dream that CBN would be the greatest group the world has ever seen. It was on me and today I announce my decision to finally let go and move on to something new!

” Thank you for your support and love for 13 years and if you’re still with me!! Let’s go.”

We dey wish am success for this new phase wey he just start with ‘Incredible Music’.

Good day, My name is Felix aka the Radio Noisemaker,

the head of the NoiseDepartment.

And you are welcome to the Exclusive interview with Radio Noisemaker.

Can we meet you?
Ans:  I Am Seyi Senzino I am an  upcoming music artist.

i resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Originally from Nigerian




2) How can you describe your childhood background and how did it
shape your music career?
Ans: My Childhood background really had nothing to do with my music
career because music was a thing I just started about three years ago and
until the I would have never thought I would one day be doing it.


3) Everyone believes he has a talent, sometimes it is music. Why did you
choose music?
Ans: Music started as just a hobby for me and it was just something, I
have fun with when it all started, till I realize



4) Tell us about your music?
Ans: Music for me is an uttermost form of expression for me. I just
consciously put an effort to make sure I am expression truth.


5) Your New Single category 3, tell us about it.?
Ans: Category 3 signifying the father, son and holy spirit is a song that
explains the necessity of God to the every and any listener. It also

depicts the severity of having Christ in our lives as anything we do
outside him amounts to nothing on the day of his return which is fast


6) How and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Ans: I try my best to make use of my circumstances both positive and
negative. Most times I just listen to a beat over and over till I perceive
the emotion the beat is trying to convey, then I write in terms of that




7) Why do you choose gospel as your style of music?
Ans: I am a Christian, so I have a standard to upheld which is to glorify
God in everything and anything I find myself doing. So, I am just trying
to live up to said expectations.



8) As an artiste, who do you look to in terms of your style?
Ans: In terms of creativity, I listen to every song and any song I can find
and try to learn from what people do especially those that are already
successful in the path and starting to walk in.




9) You are a Nigerian, I believe; but exposed to a foreign world, how
has this helped your music career?

Ans: One obvious aspect would be in the enunciationS of the English
language and been exposed to things other your norms and traditions
further widens your grasp of life and gives you a better perspective of
life itself.




10) What are the highs and lows since you started music?
Ans: Well as an independent upcoming artist, there hasn’t been any
highs per say, just a whole lot of lows but through persistence and
consistency, my highs are about to roll in.

As we don already sabi sey this Corona virus don enter Nigeria. Na one Italian man wey dey work for Lagos bring am enter. And the government don dey try their best to curb the situation. They don dey try trace all the people wey don dey in touch with the man since he don enter Nigeria.

Another set of Chinese citizens wey just enter Jos, Plateau this weekend don test negative to the virus. All this na progress in the right direction for the government. But make we as the citizens also dey very careful. Make we follow the instructions laid down by the government for us to follow.

Make we make sure say we wash our hands regularly. Make we avoid touching unclean surfaces. The use of hand sanitizers should be practiced. Make everybody dey vigilant at this time. Make we spread any false news in order not to cause panic for the people. Make we dey safe.

Hopefully, everything go soon clear and everywhere go dey safe again.