Di Lagos State Command don arrest Nollywood Superstar Actress, Funke Akindeke Bello wey people sabi as “Jenifa” of di Ogbonge Jenifa’s diary movie.

Di Naija actress Funke been host party with her husband wey bi Abdul Rasheed Bello a.k.a JJC Skillz wey bi singer to take celebrate im birthday on Saturday di 4th of April for their Estate wey dey for inside one Estate along Ajah, Ijebu-Lekki for inside Lagos. Popular Naija Singer wey bi Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley also show face for di party.

Di Police for di State CID wey dey for Yaba sake of one video wey scatter everywhere for di internet come get di informate go their location gho arrest Funke on Sunday, di 5th of April, sake say she hold party wey more than 20 person attend plus other wey dey inside di entertainment industry wey show face for di video, plus say she don break di No Movement rule wey di State government don give their residents as a way to take manage and fight  di spread of di COVID-19 pandemic wey dey affect di country well well.

As check-check still deh go on, di Police don tell di other persons remaining wey show face for di video to report themselves for di State CID for Yaba today wey bi Monday, 6th April or dem gho declare dem wanted.

Dis Press Release na from di Talk person of the Lagos State Command wey bi Deputy Superintendent Bala Elkana.

Awa Goment don announce say all Markets inside Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state wey di lockdown affect to Open from 10am to 2pm every day


The National Oga wey Dem put for Task force mata wey concern COVID 19, Mr Aliyu Sani, talk am on Wednesday for di meeting wey him get wit him members.


Him talk say na only Market wey dey sell food and tins wey dem dey use cook na im dey allow to open, na from 10am to 2pm.

weyFor people get big shops wey dey sell food, dos ones fit open from 10am to 4pm. He warn say make pipu wey get big store wey dey sell foods and fruit, check all dia workers before dem start to work.


Lastly Mr. Sani say make pipu wey get all di big shop clean their environment well and lock dia shop by 6pm so dia workers go fit go house early

One member of di Senior Advocate of Nigeria wey deh for Lekki wey e name na Ebun-olu Adegboruwa don condemn di action of OGA Presido to stop movement of people, sake say e no get right to stop people movement just like that plus say e no e no get di backing of di National Assembly as dat one dey very very Illegal.
E kon talk say , Oga Presido suppose consult di representative of di state before e gho declare anything, plus say na only di Govonor  for any state thru di House of Assembly get right to make any declaration as e take concern dat state.
Finally, e beg Oga Presido to change wetin e talk and dey sure say e carry di state and their representatives along so dat anything dey do go dey Legal…
this tori na amara write ham for pidgin radio





The disease wey Oyibo people call “Corona Virus” wey don make
many people fear for dis pass week don cause many gbege also
for pipu business and social life.
The pipu wey dey control health matter for the world wey them
call World Health Organization, report say the disease don dey
since December 2019.


W.H.O say dis disease been start for one place wey them call
Wuhan, Hubei, for inside China and on 11 th March, 2020 W.H.O
call this disease “Pandemic”, this one mean say dis disease na
serious matter wey don make many pipu dey shake for the whole
world. Report as of March 21 say more than, 303,000 pipu don
catch this disease inside 187 countries. Dem talk say the disease
don kpai 12,900 people according to W.H.O.

Wetin you go use know say person don catch this disease, the
person fit dey sick from 1 to 14 days and the disease they easily
affect old people and some people wey don get other sickness for

Person fit dey feel:
1. Cough.
2. tiredness
3. Fever.
4. The Person fit find am hard to breath.


This na the steps on how we go fit dey careful To avoid  the



1. Make we dey wash our hand many many times daily

2. Cover your nose or your hand with toilet paper when you

3. No touch your face with your hand if your hand no clean or
shake some body.

4. No hug people or stay near person wey dey sweat for this
period, make you give distance of 1 to 3 metres.



So from Pidgin Radio we dey say make una dey very careful and
follow steps to avoid am.


Na Kingsley Etim bring una this report







Solo artist Nyja who is born & raised in East London is a unsigned singer/harmoniser (as she labels
Nyja sound is kind of unique as she started off as an MC in a collective crew called Raw Ones who had a
regular set on Rinse FM every Wednesday 12-2 (graveyard shift as they call it).
Which one of the sets had one of the biggest listeners of all time due to the set which Wiley was
involved in on Dj Darkwin set.

After a few clashes radio sets such as Dejavu, Flirt FM,


Raw Mission and list goes on Nyja decided to
switch up and go back to her natural roots which was the love of afroswing afrobeat .

The music which
she grew up listening to such was Sunny Ade, Ayinde Barrister , WAsu and the late Fela KUti.


Follow is a feel good track that will encourage any listener to take to the dance floor.
Sitting well within the Afrobeats traditional sound instrumentally, it also has a great singalong
vibe applied to it which is well delivered by the artist Nyja.

“I created this track for people who love to dance or want to learn.
I also wanted to make the melody catchy for those that like to sing.
I really hope listeners enjoy this track as much as I do and follow my journey u go enjoy small
small no be small ting.”



Mr. Eazi don dey do wonderful things on him own as an artist. Through his Banku Music record label, he has been able to stabilise and grow his music- and that na why we dey do twale to am for the good work wey he dey do with emPawa.

emPawa na the latest charity program wey he dey do for quite sometime. He dey invest in the music of young African artists wey need funding and platform to grow.

The main purpose of emPawa na to give artist all over Africa, mostly Ghana and Nigeria avenue to grow their music. He dey shoot videos for them and also promote the songs for radio and all other media outlets.

As he don start am, he don dey gain recognition from other artists and corporate bodies wey dey support am. Amongst dem na DJ Maphorisa of South Africa, Alikiba from Tanzania and Nigeria’s Adekunle Gold and Ajebutter22.

With time, Mr. Eazi dey pray say make him help as many as possible of the upcoming artists from across Africa. On the 19th of July, he don get plan to diversify the emPawa program into Distribution, Publishing and Label Services, as he talk am on top Twitter.

Bolaji Arowolo.

Pidgin Radio.


Twitter @bolarzworld.

First and foremost make I congratulate d latest celebrity couple of 2019, Adekunle Kosoko aka Adekunle Gold and Simisola Ogunleye aka Simi. We wan tell dem say we dey very happy for dem on top their union and we dey pray say Almighty God go dey direct d affairs of the family. Even though dem no tell us before hand make we follow buy aso-ebi dat day, but no wahala sha. Na love we just get for the both of una. We just wan admonish una say make una emulate one of the most popular veteran celebrity couple of our time, in persons’ of Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva

The first tin way una must note b say, make una keep family life away from business. We know say na d same kin job una dey do and e no go easy sake of say una fan base and output dey almost similar, but still make una no allow make dat kin tin happen. Respect for eachother’s craft and personality.

Olujacobs n simi
Olujacobs n Simi

Furthermore, and most importantly , una happiness must come first. God must direct and order una actions. Forget say we d fans dey talk say one tin do do other. Una primary assignment be say make una prioritise d right tins at the right time, time for work, and time for play no suppose dey together. As una don see with.most celebrity weddings, attention to each other and faithfulness na major key.

Adekunle Gold

Ehn! Ehn!! On a final note make una no dey give us too much gist about una private life. If person dey tell una did one e go sound cliché but still una marriage na union of two independent minds and not d entire industry or fanbase. But make una no forget say we dey expect pictures.
ျc Bolaji Arowolo 2019
Twitter: @bolarzworld
G.mail: bolarzworld@gmail.com

First of all, I know say you go dey surprised and your mind go dey run wild say wetin be zero hunger Xmas. Some people  wey dey familiar with the movie hunger games, for don get a little idea of the picture we dey try paint.

The name attached to this massive project by the number 1 online Radio station ”Pidgin Radio” dey coined from the C.E.O himself Ovie Clement.

As Oga patapata, Ovie as usual dey awake at night dey reason how him go take build the brand when the project to give back to the society drop for him mind. As we all sabi say nobody be island, him relate this idea to the management of the Radio, them stamp the idea and give am carry go for management level.

Mc of the day

Felix wey be the Head of the creative department na him dem assign make him lead the project. The team gather support, every one contribute their own quota and with the help of our partners and sponsors the project become one of the very best.

Many  big  organisations wey don do this kind things dey do am at a price tag but Pidgin Radio with the help of partnership and sponsorship make am absolutely free and a memorable one.
On the 19th of December 2018, the entire Pidgin Radio team gather for Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria for Morning to gather the gift items together wey we go give out.

father Christmas

With the help and support of friends, gift items were moved to Atiku street, where the charity work  take place. As we land to the location Children start to dey show, the children wey turn up, the team notice say most of them never see Father Christmas(Santa Clause) before for their life. Our father Xmas turn up sharperly and the children dey very happy to see am.

The children dey engaged in different types of games in which gifts dey shared out. The smile alone for children face dey priceless. At the climax of the event, we allow all the pikin weh dey available get a one on one contact with Santa and Santa too dey very generous as him give them hin own gift.

The children later comot go their respective house and the Radio team comb other street and close weh they the environment. Each and every house one after the other received their own package for Christmas. Afterwards when all the gift we carry go finish, the entire staff of the Radio retire to collect fresh breeze and also collect light refreshment.

With that the radio call am a rap for the year 2018 and the memory of the great success of the project still remain for our heart.

The entire Pidgin Radio team wan use this medium appreciate all the people wey put mouth and hand make the project a success. Our major sponsors, Lagos chops and Kossy Kolture we appreciate you wella for believing in our dream and vision.

To our able partners; Mebsun Pro Tennis, Skyplus Entertainment and Media services, Hesomes clothing, Ferryland, Global Social Thinkers Institute and Joeey Foundation. We say a very big thank you for being a part of this great project.

To the entire team and staff of Pidgin Radio, we say kudos to una. Lastly we wan give praise and thanks to the one wey make the project a success, the one wey even keep us alive see the day we say thank you God, U do well. Pidgin Radio 100% for the Music 100% for the Culture.                                                           
Note:This is a blessing from God.Who has been given us the things we needed in life.I pray that we won’t offend him one day.This is the season of love to our immediate community on the day of Christmas. We love and appreciate your kind gestures.Peace and blessing from us to you                                                          
                                                                                                                               OMOBOYEDE ADEDAPO(2019)

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Naija youths don gather to yarn with Peter Obi for The Nigeria Leadership Summit wey Anabel Leadrship Academy organize for King Cella Hotels and Suites inside Jibowu area for Lagos wey shele on Friday.

Peter obi as he dey yarn with the people

The Leadership Summit dey bring our,important people for Naija to discuss how to carry d country go next level. This time around na Peter Obi come face Naija youths one on one. All media pple dey around to see how e go be. Pidgin Radio self dey on to cover the event and share tori.


Mr. Nicholas Okoye wey be d oga of Anabel Leadership Academy na him introduce Peter Obi make him come talk.

The Nigeria leadership summit

As we no say election dey knock for everybody door for Naija, as to say the People’s Democratic Party don choose Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi as their people wey hold their umbrella for d presido post. Peter Obi gist d youths say Naija people na him fit move d country higher. He yarn d pple how e go take get wetin dem dey expect. D koko of him gist na say Nigeria fit do well for creative technology, Agriculture and Science in general. Instead make we dey chuk eye for oil money, make we just look at Information Technology and Communication. He believe say oda countries get money thru ICT.

Nigeria hype awards 2019

He also tell d pple say naija problem no be corruption. He talk say na mentality of Naija pple. D pple need to dey think and do beta things for their country.

Many oda owners of industries for naija show face too. Abubakar Atiku no show face at all bcos of he dey visit other naija pple wey he dey talk to. Aminu Atiku, Atiku pikin represent him papa. He talk say him papa and Peter Obi represent Job creation and gud economy. He believe say if naija fit vote dem, everything wey concern job and economy go beta.

The Youths self chuk mouth for the matter wheb dem ask Peter Obi questions. He answer all d questions and everybody waka with happy face to believe say Peter Obi fit do d job for naija.

Peter obi
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