Since Mr Eazi career rise with solid hit music like “Leg Over”, “Sample you” and “skin tight”, dis Naija singer just dey climb up wit no break for him music career and him also dey rise for other area of him business because no be only music him dey do. Di Naija Singer wey him name be Oluwatosin Ajibade, start him music career for Ghana don make the list of 30 young pipu wey dey under di age of 30 as one of di people wey get business sense well well.
According to Forbes Africa, over 3000 pipu na hin dem first put for list before dem cut am reach 30 pipu.
Mr Eazi na him be di owner of Empawa Africa, his company na entertainment company. congrat mr eazi
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The disease wey Oyibo people call “Corona Virus” wey don make
many people fear for dis pass week don cause many gbege also
for pipu business and social life.
The pipu wey dey control health matter for the world wey them
call World Health Organization, report say the disease don dey
since December 2019.


W.H.O say dis disease been start for one place wey them call
Wuhan, Hubei, for inside China and on 11 th March, 2020 W.H.O
call this disease “Pandemic”, this one mean say dis disease na
serious matter wey don make many pipu dey shake for the whole
world. Report as of March 21 say more than, 303,000 pipu don
catch this disease inside 187 countries. Dem talk say the disease
don kpai 12,900 people according to W.H.O.

Wetin you go use know say person don catch this disease, the
person fit dey sick from 1 to 14 days and the disease they easily
affect old people and some people wey don get other sickness for

Person fit dey feel:
1. Cough.
2. tiredness
3. Fever.
4. The Person fit find am hard to breath.


This na the steps on how we go fit dey careful To avoid  the



1. Make we dey wash our hand many many times daily

2. Cover your nose or your hand with toilet paper when you

3. No touch your face with your hand if your hand no clean or
shake some body.

4. No hug people or stay near person wey dey sweat for this
period, make you give distance of 1 to 3 metres.



So from Pidgin Radio we dey say make una dey very careful and
follow steps to avoid am.


Na Kingsley Etim bring una this report

Good day, My name is Felix aka the Radio Noisemaker,

the head of the NoiseDepartment.

And you are welcome to the Exclusive interview with Radio Noisemaker.

Can we meet you?
Ans:  I Am Seyi Senzino I am an  upcoming music artist.

i resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Originally from Nigerian




2) How can you describe your childhood background and how did it
shape your music career?
Ans: My Childhood background really had nothing to do with my music
career because music was a thing I just started about three years ago and
until the I would have never thought I would one day be doing it.


3) Everyone believes he has a talent, sometimes it is music. Why did you
choose music?
Ans: Music started as just a hobby for me and it was just something, I
have fun with when it all started, till I realize



4) Tell us about your music?
Ans: Music for me is an uttermost form of expression for me. I just
consciously put an effort to make sure I am expression truth.


5) Your New Single category 3, tell us about it.?
Ans: Category 3 signifying the father, son and holy spirit is a song that
explains the necessity of God to the every and any listener. It also

depicts the severity of having Christ in our lives as anything we do
outside him amounts to nothing on the day of his return which is fast


6) How and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Ans: I try my best to make use of my circumstances both positive and
negative. Most times I just listen to a beat over and over till I perceive
the emotion the beat is trying to convey, then I write in terms of that




7) Why do you choose gospel as your style of music?
Ans: I am a Christian, so I have a standard to upheld which is to glorify
God in everything and anything I find myself doing. So, I am just trying
to live up to said expectations.



8) As an artiste, who do you look to in terms of your style?
Ans: In terms of creativity, I listen to every song and any song I can find
and try to learn from what people do especially those that are already
successful in the path and starting to walk in.




9) You are a Nigerian, I believe; but exposed to a foreign world, how
has this helped your music career?

Ans: One obvious aspect would be in the enunciationS of the English
language and been exposed to things other your norms and traditions
further widens your grasp of life and gives you a better perspective of
life itself.




10) What are the highs and lows since you started music?
Ans: Well as an independent upcoming artist, there hasn’t been any
highs per say, just a whole lot of lows but through persistence and
consistency, my highs are about to roll in.

Rukewe and Julie na di translation of William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet for Naija pidgin. Di play na example of Post- colonial African drama and na anoda idea of wetin oyinbo pipo don put for our head. Di plot and theme of Romeo and Juliet no change for Rukewe and Julie as di writer no touch am at all. E write am no be only to fit our culture but preach one kain mata wey don dey worry our social life for dis country

Di mata of say my culture beta pass your culture, bad belle. Di play still get chance tok di love wey suppose dey for our middle for dis country. No be until persin die before tins go balance. Na di quarrel wey dey for di middle of Otedola pipo for Yoruba land and di Umukoro pipo for di old Bendel land

Rukewe and Julie climb stage for di INTERNATIONAL PIDGIN SYMPOSIUM wey happun for 28 and 29 June 2019 for Wole Soyinka Theatre University of Ibadan.

All di pidgin expert for di world com togeda to tok how di language don grow. 
Ogini bernard na writer, actor, and researcher. E don write plus translate reach 15 works of Shakespeare and orda works too. Naim translate Kola ogunmola version of palm wine drinkard to pidgin as ST. BOTTLES CATHEDRAL wey go happun 12, 13, 14 July 2019. Pidgin to di world.

Bolaji Arowolo.

For Pidgin Radio.



An Exclusive Interview With king Joseph the Strategist; The Founder/Chief Publicity Strategist at Success MEDIA Africa (@successmedia_a on Instagram) & Owner of King Joseph Management @kingjoseph_mgt (both Subsidiaries of King Joseph Success World).He’s the Convener of #NsidoMovement (widely known to be the Lead Influencer of the hashtag “#Nsido?” trending on social media) with other Executives like a Germany based Businesswoman; Ms Precious Ese, the first son of Lagos State AC, ACN & APC former Secretary; Adeleke Charles Odugbesi Jr. (Dj Lekob), & Akintunde Daniel otherwise konown as Legendary leading the #NsidoTeam home and aborad. King Joseph whose fulll names are Adewale Joseph Olabode is also the brain behind and founder of a fashion and lifestyle brand “Nija Craziest Style” @nija_cstyle aimed at promoting Nigerias culture and tradition to the outside world through fashion and style by helping to promote young local fashion designers in the country.


King Joseph is one brand name that needs no more introduction as far as the Nigeria Entertainment & New Media Industries are concerned as he’s created a niche for himself and worked with a lot of notable Artistes, Record Labels, Corporate Brands, and even Nollywood Actors. With his media firm he’s incorporated with several local and international Brands which has further earned his growing empire much recognition home and abroad.

Asides from being a Media Practitioner, Entertainment/Event Promoter/Publicist, Artistes Manager and general entertainment Consultant, he’s also known as a Relationship Maestro (love psychic), a Writer, Content Creator and Projects Developer. He currently is the Manager and P.R.O of Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti; the daughter of the Legendary Afrobeat Musician Late Pa. Fela Anikulapo Kuti as well as the Manager and Publicist of the popular Veteran Nollywood Actor, Olasunkanmi Akanni (a.k.a Olohuniyo), & Roozy. His management company (king Joseph Management) recently just entered into a business management deal (for all bookings in Nigeria) with a popular Scottish Afrobeat Singer, Stacey Holmes (LadyBoss).

King Joseph who was the New Media & Public Relations Manager to the current Executive Chairman, Ikorodu North LCDA, Honourable Adeola Adebisi Banjo and also double as the First Lady”s Personal Assistant (till 2018) before bowing out on personal grounds has also worked as the Personal Assistant to the Late Mr Bayonle Akinyele (second son of Former Misister of Information; Chief Alex Akinyele) between 2004 & 2008.

Pidgin Radio has been on his tail for months and sent so many interview request to his mail and personal message boxes like Messenger, WhatsApp and SMS but thank God we eventually won his audience.

In this interview, he reveals so much we all need to know about him, love, showbiz and life generally. Relax and enjoy.


Good day, Sir! My name is Felix from Pidgin Radio. For the sake of the public, could I officially meet you, Sir?

Ans: blessed day, Felix! Compliments…& been a while lol

Felix: cuts in…same here Sir.

Ans: Well, I am just me – they call me king Joseph the Strategist. I love to say I’m from Akwa-Ibom State. I was born in the early 80s in Bariga (though bred in Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State My first secondary school was Adeola Odutola College where I spent four (4) years before moving to Moslem Comprehensive High School, Imepe Ijebu-Ode (where I met ATM & the LlcoolJ Entertainment World’s first in-house Dj Lexy, now the number 1 Dj in the whole of Osun state as far as I’m concerned). I studied Business and Communication Studies from The Polytechnic, Ibadan respectively. Oh, yes, the sixth of seven children.

Qst.: what do you do?

Ans: I’m an independent Media Practitioner – basically a new media Expert, Talents Manager/Entertainment Consultant, I write, a Love Psychic, a Project Manager, iCook, i create Contents & so on…you see, I do a lot of things that make me happy – not just for today’s pleasure.

Qst.: wow wow wow! So we indeed have a great man on seat.

Ans: God is great smiles

Qst.: yes that’s true! But sir that reminds me, talking of being a general entertainments Promoter, publicity Strategist & Artistes Manager, we know you very well to have worked with some top notches in the country – big record labels & some of today’s top Artistes in the past and presently. How has your wealth of experience been so far and can you say the Nigeria Entertainment (music to be precise) & the media has attained that global standard?
Ans: hmm…the journey no be today o na who know know. The prayer na mey God crown our efforts & very soon I strongly believe He’ll pick out calls with positive responses. AMEN!

Interviewer: cuts in…Amen o! Lol

Ans.: I’ll try to be as brinef as I can about this, but you go nid be a little bit patient with me, you know sey we be “Talk & Chop” (both laughs)…sighs…well, this whole journey (the dream started way back from my Pry school days. I’ve always wanted to be a Journalist & an Entertainer (despite my extremely quiet and cool nature – back then). I started buying Newspapers with both general and entertainment contents as far back as Pry 3…I’ll do this secretly though even without letting my closest friends know, so they don’t get me discouraged. I’ll always stay tuned to our TV – i don’t miss NTA News at 10 & other entertainment programs. I remember making my parents fell in love with Plantashun Boiz first album, IK Paul Dairo, even Eedris Abdulkareem & Craig David lol…one day, my Mom caught me (through the window) keenly reading Newspaper (with about four others spread over my bed) in my room (door locked – no disturbance smiles) with walkman earphones in my ears lobes, guess she’d been standing there for long…from that day, she’ll do the buying while she’ll ask me do the reading (for her) – that moment, i started picturing & as a fact carrying myself as the Journalist of the house. Let me end that story there. In my senior class in school, i remember giving so many responsibilities by the school authority; I was appointed the Head Prefect/Social Prefect (first student to be given double portfolios in the history of that school: Temidire Grammar School, Ondo, Ondo State). I relaunched Press Club, Drama Group, Literary , Debating Society in the school where I spent just 2yrs. And as a fact, i reawokened their dead Co-curricar Activities after less than my 2weeks of admission…don’t mind me, i couldn’t cope with just class education laughs…
The Nigerian entertainment and media industry still have long ways to go, although we globally renowned and respected now.

Qst: so interesting a story…so you were this dreamer boy who started building his dream from infant? Lol

Ans: laughs….yes exactly! I knew I had a long way to go and so I had to start preparing very early (still in progress though). Meanwhile, during my secondary school days in Ijebu-Ode, i had this group of friends of similar dreams (some of whom are also doing their best in their respective fields in the sindustry today). There was this storey building we used to rehearse together at, back then they called me Craig David because I could sing all of his songs while sleeping – even till date…smiles…before the name changed to LlcoolJ immediately I entered Polytechnic.

Qst.: wait, you mean after the America legendary Rapper or is it because you could also rap?

Ans.: smiles…yes and no

Qst.: how?

Ans.: ok, then, I actually could rap to an extent, but the nicname LlcoolJ was given to me because of the females extreme love for me on/off Campus. 80% of my friends were opposite sex and this gave me huge popularity in school.

Qst.: So, what does your own LlcoolJ means?

Ans.: Ladies love cool Joseph. It is “unofficially” rebranded though; now known as Love like cool Jesus Ent. World

Qst.: oh, I see. Do you still gain such attraction by the opposite sex today?

Ans.: remember we are in the entertainment industry, where most of our loyal fans/followers are women. Besides, naturally, I love, respect and care so much about the wellbeing of women a lot, so I still enjoy their love and attraction.

Qst.: and how do you deal with them considering your love life and relationship career?

And.: it is simple! I’m aware I’m now more responsible a man and so I’m very careful about my dealings with them. First thing I do is I try to get our acquaintance and the type of Love defined and controlled, so it doesn’t affect my LOVE relationship. Hence you can testify to how free I am in flaunting any woman I’m dating on social media – no other women can come out publicly to say she owns me or I own her.

Qst.: back to LlcoolJ Entertainment World, it happens yo be your first entertainment outfit. Why that name and was there any lawsuit against it by the American Rapper?

Ans.: funny you…lawsuit bawo? I think anyone can bear any name nao…him be American and I be Naija base in Naija lol. You see after that name became so popular in school back then, one night after my second consecutive flop on stage in one show like that, i went back to my room so sad…after thinking of the shame for a while, my girlfriend then tried to encourage me not to give up on my dream as a musical Artiste, she said she still believed in me so much and my dreams blah blah blah. It got me and so I stood up from my mattress & screamed “YES!!! I cannot give up & I refuse to say NO! But I think God is asking me to change department.” She queried & I told her I was quiting on-stage career to operate as backstage Entertainer and such, I said I was going to start pushing people up there since my purpose in life is to redefine people and help push them up. God actually wants me to help lift people up, that way i can get my help too. So, that night LlcoolJ Entertainment World came alive and we did some cool stuffs on & off Campus till early 2006 when it was officially launched in Bariga.

Qst.: your first Artiste was…?

Ans.: we got 3 Acts under us in 2010; Golden Stone, Born Child (both are Oritse Femi, African China & Marvelous Benji’s friends) & B2X (who was also Jaywon’s childhood friend). In fact, Golden Stone just dropped a song under his own imprint with African China titled “Ndidi” a cool stuff for all.

Qst.: meaning they were the first Artistes to have signed on to your label or you worked with?

Ans.: Nope! Before them, God had been using me to assist few Talents from the hood. Besides, ATM (known as T.Best then) has always been on the radar. When the husttle start for Lagos, ATM happens to be the first Artiste I go manage & to be very honest with you, it was one great experience with him. A true definition of talent, very versatile and hard-working an Artiste; the best I have ever seen/known (in terms of talent & versatility) in the industry I must confess.

Qst.: we know you’ve worked with some top record labels in the country. Could you name them, Sir?

Ans.: yeah, let’s say few, namely, Campus Entertainment (a subsidiary of Campus Alive Initiatives) though that didnt last a year for some very good reasons but there’s still this very strong family bond between me and the CEO Mr Oyinwola Don and the entire CAI team; then with Success MEDIA Africa I was able to pull some publicity strategy stuffs for Chocolate City in 2014; then as Artistes Manager and Publicity Strategiest at Difference Entertainment in 2015 when D’Tunes signed about 5 new Acts including ATM, Qdot, Keubounce, BadboyAce & one other guy like that on to the Label…that was before Sean Tizzle rushed back to Nigeria to ruin it all…

Qst.: cuts in…you mean Sean Tizzle ruined the deal then? Why, Sir?

Ans.: I really can’t say but I sensed jealousy, insecurity & selfishness all over him then…see, let me not talk much on that incident before I go start dey receive DMs from lots of big guys now Lol

Qst.: the Artistes wey you don work with in the past & now?

Ans.: ummh…I’ll like to open the list with ATM (one bunch of a raw musical talent), then Golden Stone who just did a song with African China, Born Child, B2X, then some short-term stuffs with Prof Linkin, Solidstar, Ice Prince, Slimcase, Da Suspekt, Oritse Femi, Klever Jay, and a host of others…

Qst.: you and ATM, you guys still together?

Ans.: working terms? No! We are men now, you know

Qst.: yes but considering the years of your relationship & hussle together with such bond between you guys one will wonder why the split?

Ans.: my brother, you don’t expect us to work together forever. Even PSquare split…smiles…but we remain blood & that is more important to both of us & any relationship.

Qst.: ok, so, any Nollywood Actors?

Ans.: Femi Adebayo, Olasunkanmi Akanni (Olohuniyo), & Brown Chukwejekwu. Looking forward to work with a lot more of them though…

Qst.: you obviously no be JJC for the industry again nao

Ans.: na grace we dey pray for, my oga

Qst.: currently, any music company you work with or for?

Ans.: sure, Ifeniomous Entertainment baby! Smiles

Qst.: oh, the one owned by Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti, right?

Ans.: beeni o, eye meji o n je asa…you call her that, but I call her “Maami” smiles

Qst.: your position with them?

Ans.: Head of Administration / M.D

Qst.: from our last interview with her, we learned you are also her Manager and Publicist, is that true?

Ans.: she dey too honest to lie & too real to fake am up…#Nsido?

Qst.: any other Artiste signed to the label?

Ans.: not when we are still working on the one signed last year.

Qst.: ok so no song dropped yet?

Ans.: not officially yet, but hopefully we’re releasing his official debut very soon. We don’t just want to drop a song, we want to make it worth the wait, so watch out for #projectRoozy2019 on your favorite social media/blogs!

Qst: we dey wait!

Ans.: we cammin…Nsido?

Qst.: there was this story about how you use to help some of Ikorodu big Artistes of today back then when they were still upcomings & how a lot of them has forgotten you. How true is this & your relationship with the likes of Qdot, ATM, Bangin & the rest sir?

Ans.: laughs….this guy dey finger my head! Wetin you wan hear?

Qst.: the truth smiles

Ans.: ok, I’m now before a lie detector abi? Ok, hope I’m detected well…well, firstly, no one forgets anyone, man ain’t God! The industreet na military. But there’s an iota of truth in every rumour. What I can only say here is that I’ve always tried my best in contributing my quota to people’s success stories & especially in the lives of uprising Artistes as I prefer to call them even till date (the testimonies are there for the grateful ones). My brands vision/mission statements, aims and objectives say much more about that. Helping people is in my bloodline & doing it makes me fulfilled & happier…we rise by lifting others.

Qst.: so your relationship with these people today?

Ans.: we all cool.

Qst.: any acknowledgment and/or appreciation from any of them so far?

Ans.: kin-in wahala e gan bobo yii? Laughs…ok, since you sha wan mey I talk, some of them, i mean the likes of Golden Stone (a very loyal guy to the core) still respects and appreciates the little I did back then. Me and ATM are very cool still (till date), as a fact i remember him engineering my involvement in the management/media team with Difference Entertainment then – he personally recommended me to D’Tunes as his Personal Manager, even when there were numbers of top Artiste Managers (incluring Harrysong’s former Mgr) on the waiting list. That was a huge one from him & I really do appreciate it too. Bangin? He respects me too wherever he sees me till date, we talk when the need be…i remember at the last Qdot & Friends concert, he was the first to see & call me where I was having a convo with GQ.

Qst.: Qdot?

Ans.: yeah, Qdot, may be once in a blue moon…but him story no strange for this music market wey we dey nao so ain’t surprised a title, though his Mgr (Afo) gives due respect in return, gives me preferential treatments each time I consult with the team for his Client’s apperance/performance and that’s okay by me. The most important thing is he’s doing us proud and that’s always been my prayer for them all. As for the rest, we still good whenever we find ourselves together. God’s Time is the Best, you know.

Qst.: which Celebs you dey handle presently?

Ans.: Veteran Yoruba Nollywood mutiple Awards-wining Actor; Olohuniyo, & Motunrayo Anikulapo Kuti.

Qst.: wow! Interesting! You look happy and fulfilled. What’s the secret?

Ans.: smiles…God is! I truly am happy but not fulfilled yet o, i still have a lot to do to get to my destination. However, I’m so happy because I’m doing what I log doing and that’s the most prominent thing..

Qst.: talking of Love, we follow what you do on social media so keenly concerning relationship matters, I’m sure a lot of people get inspired by your tips. As a media and showbiz personality, what inspired you to be a Relationship Maestro?

Ans.: hmm….smiles…good question! You see, experience they say, is the greatest & best teacher. Besides, helping in my own little way to fix breaking/broken relationship/homes defines my true divine Calling, just as “#Nsido” is. Lol

Qst.: how has this also be of help to your own love life?

Ans.: a whole lot! Firstly, knowing i am a role model and mentor to many makes me very careful and more prayerful too and God has been so faithful in His own ways. Remember God’s Ways are not man’s, besides, there’s a Yoruba popular saying that; “atupa kii n rii idi ara re” (lantern no dey see hin own yansh). I have my own Love Doctors/Marriage Counsellors I often talk to – i mean I also seek professional counselling

Qst.: true that! But recently, we discovered from your timeline that you were in depression. May I ask what brought about that…was it from your relationship, Sir?

Ans.: well, you’re the fourth media guy to have asked me this similar question & I kept brushing it under the carpet, but I think it’s time to clear the air. Yes, I was depressed & was a thing of the heart. It didn’t just start as at when you people saw it. This thing grows…I have been battling (silently) with it for months & it was really killing me slowly, so I concluded with myself the best way to deal with and be free from it was make it public (before it killed me as it does to a lot of people), that way I knew someone would help me out, because at some point I was so lonely…I thank God I did what I had to do, else I may not be here today granting this interview.

Qst.: you said you were lonely, when we all know how much you love your wife and flaunt so much on social media. Did she travel, wasn’t she just helpful or what?

Ans.: hmm…you’re truly digging deep(er) now…smiles…but you know what? I’ll rather not talk about the major cause here for now. However, the end will justify the means. Law of karma is so real like #Nsido? Meanwhile, to set the record straight once and for all, I am not married yet. Another question, please?

Qst.: yes!

Ans.: ok?

Qst.: that reminds me, let’s know about this hashtag #Nsido Movement that is really going more vital daily.

Ans.: enh enh… na question you just ask so! Lol…#Nsido is a long-term movement that is never gon die nor fade out. There are so much future projects attached to #NsidoMovement. But let me just shed some light on it here. The word “nsido” originated from Ibibio-Efik (Akwa-Ibom State from Southhern part of Nigeria) meaning; “wetin dey happen?” (What is it/happen?).

Qst.: what inspired it?

Ans.: the inspiration behind it is this; I grew up knowing hi much people suffer in our country (Naija), single mothers get no help, orphans, and even widows; while some raw talents just dey roast away especially from the Ghetto. So many underprivileged ones who need just a little help and/or a Vouce to get them what they really need to breakthrough -that’ll move them from where they are to where they ought to be. I witnessed what my Mom also went through as a single mother of 7 yet will go out of her ways to help people in these categories. But each time she saw anyone in a bad state, the first question she would ask would be, “Nsido?” vice versa before she’ll proceed in ensuring the person never remains the same. Hence I chose not to go far from the Ghetto areas so I can carry on that legacy (my Mom’s). Your curiosity now cleared…🙊 #Nsido?

Qst.: that is so deep & may God continue to strengthen you, Sir.

Ans.: AMEN! You too.

Qst.: AMEN! So, how’s the social media campaign helped/influenced the movement so far?

Ans.: so far -so much! It has really added to the brand “king Joseph the Strategist” more recognition home and abroad. So, many Celebrities have really shown much interests in it…so many DMs from a lot of them (including Bloggers) asking me about it and so on. Just in December, the likes of Odunlade Dj Obi, Nancy Isime, Sister Kate DMed to know what’s behind it and stuffs like that…I get messages and calls daily about it. So, I’m enjoying the popularity of #NsidoMovement so far. And oh, may i confess this, #Nsido brought me and Maami (Motunrayo Kuti) together.

Qst.: Oh, really?!

Ans : yes!

Qst.: so how long has this been on & any project under it so far?

Ans.: officially, let’s say 2yrs now. Last year, we set out to run an educational project under #NsidoMovement in collaboration with Success MEDIA Africa and to be majorly sponsored by one of the LCDAs in our division but you know our people in Ikorodu, they’re so blind and sentimental about most things. So, it didn’t hold in the end but by the grace of God, that same project & may be more is/are likely to hold this year.

Qst.: true, because even on Facebook, i have seen the 03Media’s CEO, Alex Ozone and few others addressing you with “Mr #Nsido”. How does tho make you feel?

Ans.: yeah, Sir Alex Ozone is one of the great Celebs I have encouraging me on this. Such a great or may I say the number 1 entertainment Promoter we have in Naija…Ozone level the #TeamStreet Convener agba awo #KultureMovement gbefun! Laughs…of course, it makes me feel same way you feel when you doing something unique and great people accept and show you love with it.

Qst.: What should we be expecting from it this year?

Ans.: something great, challenging & lives-changing – soon…🙊 #Nsido?

Qst.: How’s your relationship with Motunrayo Kuti like?

Ans.: abah! How do you expect it to be like before nao? We so strong still. She’s an amazing person. Though very stubborn…laughs

Qst.: it’s in the blood…laughs…

King Joseph cuts in…yeah in the blood…lol

Qst.: and your new Artiste?
Ans.: oh, Roozy my G! He’s a very hard-working young Act with strong zeal; he’s come to stay with a strong legacy. Ifeniomous Entertainment has no regret signing him & we only hope the family bond keeps waxing stronger.

Qst.: last year, Nov/Dec to be precise, you did some free Promotions/publicity for uprising Artistes, young brands and SMEs through your annual program hashtag #HTYBG. What does that stand for and are we seeing anything of such this year from the empire again?

Ans.: it actually hashtag “#HelpTheYoungBrandGrow” & Success MEDIA Africa (under our growing empire: King Joseph Success World) is definitely going to run that this year too. As a fact, we intend helping 36 young brands including Artistes/Talents and SMEs this 2019.

Qst.: all 36 for free?

Ans.: yes, it’ll be almost free – but Terms and Conditions apply this year.

Qst.: How?

Ans.: when we get to the bridge we shall cross it – with ease sef…smiles

Qst.: how much do you charge for normal promotions & media hype. As huge as other top media Experts?

Asn.: nope! Those who know and have patronized us know we don’t charge much. In fact, we charge lesser than any, because we want everyone to enjoy media awareness for their brands & products. While doing that, we ensure we beat our Clients’ imagination.

Qst.: your business contact, Sir in case we want to contact you to any media/showbiz related deal?

Ans.: my Twitter handle is @strategist_kj while my instagram are @successmedia_a & @strategist_kj. My mobile digits are +2349054593364

Qst.: talking of the growing empire “King Joseph Success World”, how many brands do you have under it and any branch outside Nigeria?

Ans.: 6

Qst: wow! Names?

Ans.: LlcoolJ EntertainmentWorld,
Success MEDIA Africa,
King Joseph Management,
Nija Craziest Style,
Visit Nigeria Today,
The Kings Private Kitchen (not operational yet but registered)…& Joseph Blessing Foundation (a new charity organization owned by my daughter). And yes, LlcoolJ Entertainment World & Success MEDIA Africa both have presence in Zambia with Charity Munagandu as the KeyPerson there; In South Africa & presently Germany, King Joseph Success World / Success MEDIA Africa ennoy very strong representation by a very loyal woman in the person of Precious Ese (she’s like a pillar)…the history ain’t complete if she’s not mentioned!

Qst.: Sounds very great! How many active?

Ans.: all but basically 2 are feeding the others.

Qst.: having and working day and night building these brands really make it seem you indeed working for the future. How do you handle the pressure that comes with it & considering the competitiveness in the Industries?

Ans.: simple! Just create your own world & operate within the confine even while spreading your tentacles, that way, you’ll see no real competitors but yourself. Keep setting challenges for yourself with BIG DREAMS & large GOALS – as you do that, don’t look left or right, not even back whenever you fall/fail because you definitely will (& so many times sef) on the way…keep going persistently & be very consistent with the hussle. Don’t hussle for what yo eat today or for the present pleasure, because it’ll end after 24hrs, set a long-term GOAL for yourself and pursue it with self-determination and confidence in yourself. However, don’t chew more than you can swallow, don’t follow the crowd or allow the wind blow you away.

Qst.: any word for fellow youths, Sir?

Ans.: Firstly, discover your purpose, then have a dream, create a vision & go out there to achieve them all. If I can start Success MEDIA Africa (which today have presence in over 6 countries with a strong one in South Africa) with just a Curve abi na Bold 2 BlackBerry phone in one room (where I was squatting with my friends – ATM group), then you too can do it!

Qst.: wow…it’s really been an amazing time out with you. Thank you so much, king Joseph the Strategist Mr Nsido.

Ans.: you are always welcome, Sir!

King Joseph

D tori wey I wan yarn una today na about Sahara Reporters Publisher and AAC’s presidential candidate,
Yemi Sowore wey we get the exclusive opportunity to interview based on him aspirations at d
forthcoming election, fight for d rights of d people and why him know say na d best man to move Nigeria
Wen he start him speech, he talk say Nigeria don gain from d democratic government wey we dey
experience since 1999 but corruption don render this peace useless.


Mr.Sowore torch light some of d key issues wey dey affect us as a nation including unemployment, poor
state of d economy, and Boko Haram destruction for north as d major gbege we get for Nigeria.
He come identify d main reason for this condition as d leaders dey corrupt and no even dey concerned
with d welfare of d people bit na yo dey make d money wey dem spend during election in hundredfold.
Sowore talk say because him dey speak against corruption, say plenty people don stop to dey associate
with am.
He come refer us to d time wen him dey University of Lagos where he dey fight against cultism and even
authority for school lie on top him head say him sef get him cult known as ‘Authority Confraternity’ dat
time and even d government send gangs make dem kill am dat time.


Furthermore, he remind us of d time wey him expose d cabal for President Yar’adua government and
when Jonathan become president people talk say he dey work for am. Na until dem see say Sahara
Reporters b front liners during d 2015 election election
before dem stop to dey lie.
On a final note,we ask am about him assessment of other Nigerians like Kingsley Moghalu and Fela
Durotoye wey be fellow candidates in this election. Sowore come talk say him dey pleased with the
participation of young Nigerians in politics


We go air the interview for una on Tuesday

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D tori wey I get today na about our very own Yemi Alade, who b our ‘Woman Crush’ this week.
Yemi Eberechi Alade wey all of sabi as Yemi Alade aka Mama Africa na Nigerian Afro-pop artist from Ondo state. Dem born The ‘queen of all Queens’ on March 13, 1989, to a Yoruba father (James Alade) and an Igbo mother (Helen Uzoma) for Abia state, the main reason why we dey call am “Yoruba-Igbo girl”. Na for Lagos she grow and na even the prestigious University of Lagos she attend.

Yemi alade

She dey part of a music group wen she first start but her big break na wrn she win d Peak Talent Show in 2009. She come start her solo career wen she sign for Effyzie Music Group in 2013. Her biggest hit till date na ”Johnny” wey she release for 2013.

Yemi alade.

Since den, she don dey give us great jams, year after year. With about 4 albums to her name, ‘King of Queens’ wey she realease in 2014 being the first. Yemi Alade don show say she no dey play at all. She don headline a lot of A-list concerts home and abroad. She don even receive a lot of award nominations and victories at the 2015 & 2016 editions of the ‘MTV African Music Awards’ (MAMAs)
We just dey very proud of ‘Mama Africa’ and we dey wish her more success in the coming years.

Mama Africa

Bolaji Arowolo.
For Pidgin Radio.

First of all, I know say you go dey surprised and your mind go dey run wild say wetin be zero hunger Xmas. Some people  wey dey familiar with the movie hunger games, for don get a little idea of the picture we dey try paint.

The name attached to this massive project by the number 1 online Radio station ”Pidgin Radio” dey coined from the C.E.O himself Ovie Clement.

As Oga patapata, Ovie as usual dey awake at night dey reason how him go take build the brand when the project to give back to the society drop for him mind. As we all sabi say nobody be island, him relate this idea to the management of the Radio, them stamp the idea and give am carry go for management level.

Mc of the day

Felix wey be the Head of the creative department na him dem assign make him lead the project. The team gather support, every one contribute their own quota and with the help of our partners and sponsors the project become one of the very best.

Many  big  organisations wey don do this kind things dey do am at a price tag but Pidgin Radio with the help of partnership and sponsorship make am absolutely free and a memorable one.
On the 19th of December 2018, the entire Pidgin Radio team gather for Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria for Morning to gather the gift items together wey we go give out.

father Christmas

With the help and support of friends, gift items were moved to Atiku street, where the charity work  take place. As we land to the location Children start to dey show, the children wey turn up, the team notice say most of them never see Father Christmas(Santa Clause) before for their life. Our father Xmas turn up sharperly and the children dey very happy to see am.

The children dey engaged in different types of games in which gifts dey shared out. The smile alone for children face dey priceless. At the climax of the event, we allow all the pikin weh dey available get a one on one contact with Santa and Santa too dey very generous as him give them hin own gift.

The children later comot go their respective house and the Radio team comb other street and close weh they the environment. Each and every house one after the other received their own package for Christmas. Afterwards when all the gift we carry go finish, the entire staff of the Radio retire to collect fresh breeze and also collect light refreshment.

With that the radio call am a rap for the year 2018 and the memory of the great success of the project still remain for our heart.

The entire Pidgin Radio team wan use this medium appreciate all the people wey put mouth and hand make the project a success. Our major sponsors, Lagos chops and Kossy Kolture we appreciate you wella for believing in our dream and vision.

To our able partners; Mebsun Pro Tennis, Skyplus Entertainment and Media services, Hesomes clothing, Ferryland, Global Social Thinkers Institute and Joeey Foundation. We say a very big thank you for being a part of this great project.

To the entire team and staff of Pidgin Radio, we say kudos to una. Lastly we wan give praise and thanks to the one wey make the project a success, the one wey even keep us alive see the day we say thank you God, U do well. Pidgin Radio 100% for the Music 100% for the Culture.                                                           
Note:This is a blessing from God.Who has been given us the things we needed in life.I pray that we won’t offend him one day.This is the season of love to our immediate community on the day of Christmas. We love and appreciate your kind gestures.Peace and blessing from us to you                                                          
                                                                                                                               OMOBOYEDE ADEDAPO(2019)

na daps write this story for pidgin radio

At the Miss Africa awards event held in London United kingdom on the 13th of October 2018, our very own Oreoluwa Kofoworade did Nigeria proud by coming second place. The competition which was keenly contested by 26 young ladies from different African countries was held at The Royal Regency hall in London UK.

In attendance at the event were dignitaries from all around Africa and the UK. Miss Oreoluwa who was crowned first runner up did Nigeria proud as her speech was one which stood out as she spoke about issues affecting women and children in Nigeria such as Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and more.

A criminology graduate of University of Kingston, Miss Oreoluwa has done a lot of charity work in the United kingdom such as supporting men being released from prison, restorative justice, Youth offenders mentoring in the prisons and her local community.

She looks to expand this works back home in Nigeria as she looks to be a part of the struggle for the girl child education, Domestic violence and child abuse. She is cut out for the development of the Nigerian girl child both in Nigeria and all around the globe.

Congratulations are in order for the newly crowned queen.


Good evening ladies and gentlemen ,

My name is Ore Williams Kofoworade

I am representing Nigeria

I want to be miss Africa GB because my mission is to help support women fleeing domestic violence and to help empower women to develop the confidence they need to achieve their personal best.
The Lagos State of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team, DSVRT, has stated that over 85% of domestic violence in the state lack evidence. This tells me that There is a need to respond.

According to the DSVRT, the psychological impact of being raised in an abusive household can be profound. Many children develop cognitive and psychological problems such as; Eating disorders, sleeping disorders, depression, aggressive behavior and destructive rages, after having experienced abuse second-hand. Males and females who see their parents physically attack each other are three times more likely to hit their own partners than those who have non-violent parents. The sons of the most violent parents have a rate of wife-beating 10 times greater than the sons of non-violent parents.


there is not many safe houses in Nigeria and women stay in abusive relationships because they are scared and have no where to turn.

A confident woman has the power to make a real change starting in her local community with the potential to reach a global audience.

Solution–I want to help provide sensitive services; to victims of domestic and sexual violence; while promoting healthy relationships. As an experienced custodial manager I have seen the success of the getting it right programme and it is my desire to bring this initiative to Nigerian community. This programme focuses on making a change. I want to share my ideas with DSVRT and strive to enhance a coordinated and charitable community to response to domestic and sexual violence in Lagos State and indeed in Nigeria.

In the words of Rosa Parks- I would like to be known as a person who is concerned about freedom, equality, justice and prosperity for all people.

Believe in who you are, anyone can be a star, I can be miss African. Let me lend a helping hand and make a change

THE CHANGE STARTS from now. Thank you

Let me start by saying Talent Management No Be  Job, Na CALLING.
Maybe Promotions Na job, but i repeat, Talent Management No be job. My
name Na Olayinka Babawale Applause, I Be  Olamide Baddo’s PR for a bit
before he blessed me with Lil Kesh just when he had just recorded Shoki. I
Go  start by showing appreciation to every Blogger, Social Media PR, Dj,

Alaba DJ, Alaba Marketer, Satellite and Local Tv stations, just everyone
who Dey around at any point in time during the period of my 11 years stay
For the industry.

Yes 11 years, i dey sure  say you dey  wonder why i quit. Smart people know when to
move on.

As much as possible, i No popular especially facially as i often get

doubted whenever i introduce myself as Wale Applause, I guess  i Be big
man For small body.

I started with Applause Magazine, then on and on the rest now Na history.
If i tell you say he easy, na set up.

Over time i  Don seen artiste rise and fall and rise again to fall again. I
Don seen artistes grow from baby to Giant, at least i created one ‘Lil
Kesh’ myself before he thought i was no longer of use to him. He already
became a star, i guess his career fit tell the story now.

Why i yarn this one , it is because i Dey try  pass  message to all new
artistes, Never bite the hand that fed you. You see the thing about that
manager that helped you ‘blow’ like we call it, NEVER EVER LET HIM GO IF

That manger wey  dey with you when it was rough, that one that will stay
awake even when you are sleeping, that’s what real love is, because you
know what. Talent management entails giving up your life for someone else.
For the first time, let me say this, i gave over 2 years of my life to Lil
kesh, God used me and Olamide to make ham a star. I remember well when i
will put all my friends on the road, all the way from Sango to Elegushi to
push Shoki. God bless my friend Dj Consequence, he knows the story.

There were many days i had to sleep in my rickety Honda, days my friends
Aspen and the gang will go to the club to spend money just so Shoki can be
played, those days when all that mattered to me was raising a king, Alas,

As a talent manager, i need you to understand that you are giving your life
away to that artiste you think you love so much, question is not if you are
ready, the real question is if the artiste is worth it.

First my advice is this, as an artiste manager, Music to you is first a
product not just a collection of sound. You need to understand that you are
not the target market. You don’t have to like a song to push it, you just
need to understand what market you are pushing the song to. I honestly did
not like Shoki at first listen, but i knew the market to push it to, the
kids because it sounded like Nursery rhyme. Every song has a target market,
find it.

The music industry is a capital intensive one and believe me everyone is on
the look out to collect money from you. Do not believe 2 faced OAPs like
Osi of beat Fm, who come online to act all helpful. Trust me i have been
there done that, he is part of the no pay, no show.

I trust him to be defensive about this when he reads this so i am going to
give you an instance.

Before Lil Kesh, I was working with a super talented, humble kid named
Spicy. We had a song Lenu produced by D’tunes. Now about D’tunes, he is one
person you want to get close to. I wish he established a Talent management
company because asides knowing how to make music, he knows how to sell
music. Iyanya and Sean Tizzle are testimonies. D’tunes is one humble dude
you need in your corner.

Here is a secret a lot of people will not tell you, the less popular you
are as a talent manager, the more effective you will be. It makes it easy
for you to get the job done. Do not go all about like Danku, you wont get
anything done because instead of representing your artiste, you will be
representing YOU.

Now back to the Osi matter, i waited till this day to tell the story. As a
rookie manager back in the days, Osi was a rookie OAP too, i like to work
with people like that because in my head we trying to help each other grow,
i thought wrong. Back when Osi used to be the errand boy in Beat fm before
the advent of twitter which made him a pseudo celebrity. He was on the
midnight show and back then i paid him good money. I cannot specifically
remember the amount, but i am sure it was good money because YES i used to
throw money around, ask about me. I would always have to stay awake at
midnight to listen in to his show,he would not play my music. I would call,
he picks when he likes then i will beg him to play my music, at least i
paid for it. Sometimes he played, but at a time when we both know most
human beings are sleeping, i wonder who he was playing for. This was a time
Beat Fm was the Alpha and Omega of radio. Another person you do not need in
your corner is Olisa of Beat fm, he most likely will charge you in dollars.
In short as an artiste manager, throw Beat Fm and all the OAPs away, you do
not need them. Forget what you been told. They never played lil Kesh’s
shoki and Oritshefemi’s Double wahala until they became monster hits.

When you looking to plug a newbies song on radio, here are the places you
should go. Your first point of call now is Soundcity radio. Make Ilo and
Awazi your friend, they NEVER request money, trust me Awazi made me a
refund, she never collects money to play a song. You need a radio station
that can give you at least 3 times daily, if you don’t that get it is a
waste of money. Go to City Fm, back in the days when Shosleek used to be
there, that was a real G. When they promise to play your song, they play
well. Walk into Faji fm, Eko fm, Traffic radio they have numbers but they
are underrated. These are radio stations that can give you proper airplay
for people to notice. Also in all you do, make sure your song gets to
Brilla Fm. They will also charge you but they will do a good job. Brilla fm
has a dedicated audience, dont joke with it.

In the beginning, artistes are usually under control, they feign humility
don’t be carried away. Read between he lines, i saw the signs but i
ignored. I remember one day during the heat of promotion, i drove Kesh,
Viktoh and Dj Enimoney to Star Fm. Know what they did, they beat the gate
man. I mean proper beating. I had to do a lot of damage control for the
news not to get out. I am sure till today they must have thought its
because they are celebrities. Tueh!

The signs are always there, always look for them. Even where they are not
obvious, find them.

Always have a plan B. By plan B, i mean always have something else that
brings you money.

A lot of people till date think music just grow, no it doesn’t Artiste
managers place the song strategically to make it seem like it is
everywhere. I remember when i will go all the way from Sango to Ikorodu to
push Shoki without the knowledge of the entire YBNL crew, i wanted to make
my own artiste. I wanted to put my name in the sand of time. I could do
anything for Kesh at the time. Mobola and Desmond2dG of Splash Fm can bear
me witness about how i will come to Ibadan to promote the song. Who knew
that, Me. What was i trying to achieve? I was trying to make star.

I remember when Olamide dropped YBNL album, that was my first major
project. God bless Baddo, he loved me so much. I got some Cds from him, i
signed them myself in his name drove down to Ibadan and was handing it out
to all radio stations, telling them Ola sent me, where as, i sent myself.
You wonder why YBNL have so much fan base in Ibadan and Ikorodu, I did
that. I laid the foundation.

Another thing is that you need to be impulsive, take decisions and live
with the consequences. Your head tell you go to Club Royale now, just go
damn the consequences if you know the dj or not, walk up to him. he is just
another human being. Always think outside the box. In thinking outside the
box, take your promo out of Lagos. People in lagos are too busy to notice a
growing song. Most of the songs you eventually hear in lagos have been
doing well in other places a good example is Wetin we gain by Victor Ad,
lagos people got it last and made it theirs, always look to achieve that.
Take your song to Ibadan, the money you will spend to promote on 2 radio
stations in Lagos will get the entire Ibadan playing your song. Walk into
Ray Power Ibadan, ask after Kolade Dominate, tell him Wale Applause sent
you or go to Splash FM. ask after Edwin Paul, the whole of Ibadan is

While you read this, say a big thank you to, they pioneered
music blogging. There was a time to get your song on that site, Ovie would
say submit and pray, if men were God. Notjustok is a good site to have your
song, but trust me your audience is not there. God bless the days when
Dellyma was with Naijaloaded,com, he always knew how to strategically place
your song on the site, he knew the peak periods. Invest in Naijaloaded and
Tooxclusive, this is where Street djs download music and best believe if
your song is good, most of them will play. HOTT category on Tooxclusive,
Song of the week on Naijaloaded, quite expensive but do your best to be

Do not be fooled, we all doctor numbers, Youtube, Soundcloud. The way we do
it is the difference. While some buy virtual views, some of us buy real
view which wouldn’t amount to fans, but we need the numbers, viewers will
not watch a video with 18 views. What we do is advertise the link, it gets
published on Asian sites, you know the population in Asia,YES that’s what
we all do, forget about the congratulatory artworks about millions of
views. Yes they are real views but they do not amount to your fan base,
indeed you need the numbers. Think i am lyinh check
That is where most of your music distributors go, there are others though
but this is very effective, cheap, real views and accept Nigerian cards.

Let me give you another story about why at a point in my life i used to
wear only knickers, socks and slippers.

Lil Kesh’s first ever show was Cotonou, i am sure he must have thought his
song got that big. Shior. I remember my friend Tayo in Cotonou at the time
who i spoke to about pushing Lil kesh hard in Cotonou. We forced the
students to listen to only him hereby creating a demand. Yes there was a
demand but there was no finance. I asked them how much they had, they 50k.
I told them to push harder and after many days all they had was 80k. I knew
80k was no going to fly with Olamide as we had a 40;40;20 sharing formula
at the time. I got 20 while they got 40 a piece, fantastic sharing formula,
i of those reasons i will forever respect Olamide. Told the boys to send
their 80k, i personally added my 20k since i knew it was coming back to me.
Want to know why i did this? I needed to boost Lil Kesh’s career. What is
an artiste without a performance. I needed to also make myself look good
too. I called the team to say we had a show, a whooping 100k. I got back my
20k, we had a show, went to Cotonou and back. He became a star.

Always make your artiste look good.

Now about why i used to wear only Knickers. I was managing a budding
artiste at the time but my account balance was red. I could not finance the
life of an ideal artiste manager, there had to be another option. I had
rent to pay, my siblings, everyday life, i knew i could not finance the
Versace and Louis Vuitton, the best route to go was to play the humility
card. At this time my percentage had been slashed to 10 percent because
Young jonn needed to be paid. It did not matter to me, all i wanted was to
make my own star. Lil Kesh’s fee at the time was about 400k, what will a
man like me do with 40k which wasn’t consistent, but i was fine. I kept
managing hoping for that day when we start charging millions and my 10
percent will mean much, i lied. I had to result to Knickers, socks and
slippers, that was what i could afford.

It became a trade mark, at first i did not like it but i never wore it on
my face. It was easy for me because i barely had any friends in the
industry, this is another lesson to learn. You have no friends in the
industry, NONE.

For a man who had gone through all these to nurture a bariga boy from Sodiq
to Lil Kesh, i deserved better, but what do i care.

Here is the reason why i got sacked the first time. I cannot be very
specific about the time, but it was when Shoki and Dorobucci were blowing
at the same time. My sources said to me that Don Jazzy had gone to lobby
the MTV base award for Dorobucci and Reekado Banks was going to come on
stage to get the award. I was told that what that translated to was that
Reekado Banks was going to win Next Rated at the Headies. I had worked so
hard than to make that happen. Now we had Shoki, Gbese, Efejoku. I tried my
best but i was just one person. Alas Dorobucci won the award and just as
told, Reekado banks was on stage to get it. I went bonkers. Abfresh who was
to later manage Lil Kesh just got back from Uk at the time and was staying
at my place. I was so sad, i went on twitter and rant. I did rant and
mention Don Jazzy well. Then i called Olamide’s attention to my tweets,
told him i was sorry it was just a moment of madness, i had rights to be
angry. I got a shocker the next day when Olamide told me i wouldn’t manage
Lil Kesh again because of a twitter rant from someone like me, only for him
to go on the stage at the headies to declare Lil Kesh Winner himself. I am
sure we all remember how that went. I remember watching the Headies in my
father’s house in Ibadan as i was jobless, i cried when Lil Kesh wasn’t
given the Award, i wanted him to win it for me. I thought my night was bad
enough, not until Olamide came on stage to rant and i started wailing. My
parents could not console me. I was wailing because all i did was rant on
twitter and i became jobless for several months, Olamide goes on stage to
disorganize a well organized award and he is tagged a hero even by himself.
This pot of beans life.

As an artiste manager, learn to fight for yourself alone. Just when the
millions was coming, YBNL let me go. It broke me, coupled with the fact
that i was going through a lot in my relationship with Mobola at the time.
As an artiste manager, always look out for you and you alone.

About the Djs, I will mention one Dj you do not need when your career is
budding or trying to germinate. YOU DO NOT NEED DJ SPINALL. If you work
with him, you would hate yourself. Forget the hype, when you blow, he will
come kissing your as$. He is usually like that. only a good person on
social media also if and when you are a celebrity/ As an artiste manager
and new artiste, avoid Dj Spinall like a plague. Dj Consequence, Dj Ruud,
Dj Debby, Dj Factor, Dj Prince, Dj Spicy there are a few of the uptown djs
you need, but you would not go empty handed. Anything less than 100k and
you will be wasting your time and money. You can do 100k and above, you are
in good hands.

One Uptown Dj that will always stand out for me is Dj Neptune. Look for
him, become his friend, make him like you and you good.

When you need to plug your song on the mainland, here are your point of
call. Club Royale is your number one spot. 3 djs operate there. Man mark DJ
Xmix, he will show you round the others. These people just want to be
appreciated, and they will surprise you with airplay. Another Dj you need
is Dj Khoded, sadly all of a sudden he became all about the koney and he
started rejecting 50k too, what social media can do. DO not forget Pecas in
Ikeja, go there as much as possible. let everyone there know your face.
Give the girls your cds do whatever you can. IF you still have more funds
to spare, contact DJ Kaywise, he wont do anything without money, but when
you pay and he gets your song, you will get instagram posts of him dancing
and scratching your music. Money well spent. Another Dj you do not need is
DJ Kentucky. I don’t even know where he is anymore. Do not be carried away
by the name. Dj Leezy Ace of former The place ikeja, Dj JP Money of
Elegushi, great guys.All these Djs i mentioned, if you need to get anything
done with them and you thinking about how to approach them, mention my
name, say i sent you but only if you have their cash because the name Wale
Applause is synonymous to money to them. I always come bearing fruits.

Let me conclude this first part by telling you a bit about Alaba. Before i
go there, Always have it at the back of your mind that not every song you
push will blow, always know when to move on to the next song. Let us
journey down memory lane as i remind you about the song Last card by Lil
Kesh. When i first heard the song in the studio, i knew it could not match
up with the hype of Shoki, but the artistes wanted it to drop. I am a music
seller, i am the one on the streets, i blew Shoki, i know what the people
wanted, but they wouldn’t listen. It was released. When i saw what the song
was doing in days, i told every top blogger at the time to kill the hype,
Don Boye formerly of Tooxclusive, now with Notjustok would bear me witness,
i knew it could not sell, so i took the hype away from it, made it look
like a freestyle, then dropped Gbese. Gbese was a hit song from the studio.
Was easy for me to work with. Lest i forget, Don Boye of Notjustok is one
young man you need in your corner.

About Alaba, do not be deceived, till the end of your career you will
always need Alaba. They propagate your music, those mixtapes go as far as
Australia, but there is a trick to it. Before your song can be noticed on
Alaba mixtape, it takes consistent effort. You need to have 5 djs, 5
Marketers and 3 graphics guys on your pay roll for at least 6 months.
Marketers are igbo men, so whenever you call a meeting, make sure you go
with a bottle of Hennessy for each person asides the cash. Igbo men dont
joke with their drink, its a sign of good tidings. Whenever you need to go
to Alaba, NEVER, i repeat NEVER enter the market. There is a Tantalizers
just before the market, set up the meeting there and make sure you are
there before the marketers, they dont waste time. Never ever meet Alaba Djs
and Marketers at the same time. Hold the meeting in different batches, but
let the Djs know you have seen the marketers, that way they can easily
work. Trusted marketers you will need are Person Entertainment, Upright
Entertainment, Olowo, Baby Face, Biggie with an addition of Moving train.
You can add more, but these guys are top notch. Do not act smart by giving
them different amounts, always give them the same thing. Be dedicated
toward it as it can take months, take cue from the Shaku Shaku movement,
they have been pushing it way before you even noticed. The djs you need are
Dj Double Sound, Dj Morebeatz, Dj Mellowshe, lets these 3 decided the
remaining 2 they will like to work with. Now about the graphics artistes,
you need that person who will make sure your face is on the jacket even if
your song is not on the mix, one young man can work the magic, his name is
Kenzy. Indeed you need Kenzy for your entire alaba movement. He is the guy
who will set up the Dj and Marketers meetings for you, do not do it
yourself. You will not regret knowing Kenzy especially when you mention my
name. May God forever bless him for me. Very hardworking and honest.

As i look to conclude this part, be careful of people like Osi, Spinall
etc. They make your clients perceive you like a thief because they will
collect your money and not play the song.

In the next chapter we will talk about a few other things, Tv, Customized
mixtapes etc, but worthy of note is Olamide Adedeji of Soundcity. Not a lot
of people like him and i would tell you why in the next episode, but know
that Olamide Adedeji of Soundcity can single handedly make you famous.

Till i see you again.

Kind regards
King Wale Applause