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Exclusive Interview with Seyi Senzino Host Radio Noise Maker

Good day, My name is Felix aka the Radio Noisemaker,

the head of the NoiseDepartment.

And you are welcome to the Exclusive interview with Radio Noisemaker.

Can we meet you?
Ans:  I Am Seyi Senzino I am an  upcoming music artist.

i resides in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Originally from Nigerian

SEYI, Exclusive Interview with Seyi Senzino Host Radio Noise Maker



2) How can you describe your childhood background and how did it
shape your music career?
Ans: My Childhood background really had nothing to do with my music
career because music was a thing I just started about three years ago and
until the I would have never thought I would one day be doing it.


3) Everyone believes he has a talent, sometimes it is music. Why did you
choose music?
Ans: Music started as just a hobby for me and it was just something, I
have fun with when it all started, till I realize

SEYI, Exclusive Interview with Seyi Senzino Host Radio Noise Maker



4) Tell us about your music?
Ans: Music for me is an uttermost form of expression for me. I just
consciously put an effort to make sure I am expression truth.


5) Your New Single category 3, tell us about it.?
Ans: Category 3 signifying the father, son and holy spirit is a song that
explains the necessity of God to the every and any listener. It also

depicts the severity of having Christ in our lives as anything we do
outside him amounts to nothing on the day of his return which is fast


6) How and where do you draw your inspiration from?
Ans: I try my best to make use of my circumstances both positive and
negative. Most times I just listen to a beat over and over till I perceive
the emotion the beat is trying to convey, then I write in terms of that


SEYI, Exclusive Interview with Seyi Senzino Host Radio Noise Maker



7) Why do you choose gospel as your style of music?
Ans: I am a Christian, so I have a standard to upheld which is to glorify
God in everything and anything I find myself doing. So, I am just trying
to live up to said expectations.



8) As an artiste, who do you look to in terms of your style?
Ans: In terms of creativity, I listen to every song and any song I can find
and try to learn from what people do especially those that are already
successful in the path and starting to walk in.




9) You are a Nigerian, I believe; but exposed to a foreign world, how
has this helped your music career?

Ans: One obvious aspect would be in the enunciationS of the English
language and been exposed to things other your norms and traditions
further widens your grasp of life and gives you a better perspective of
life itself.




10) What are the highs and lows since you started music?
Ans: Well as an independent upcoming artist, there hasn’t been any
highs per say, just a whole lot of lows but through persistence and
consistency, my highs are about to roll in.

SEYI, Exclusive Interview with Seyi Senzino Host Radio Noise Maker

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