The disease wey Oyibo people call “Corona Virus” wey don make
many people fear for dis pass week don cause many gbege also
for pipu business and social life.
The pipu wey dey control health matter for the world wey them
call World Health Organization, report say the disease don dey
since December 2019.


W.H.O say dis disease been start for one place wey them call
Wuhan, Hubei, for inside China and on 11 th March, 2020 W.H.O
call this disease “Pandemic”, this one mean say dis disease na
serious matter wey don make many pipu dey shake for the whole
world. Report as of March 21 say more than, 303,000 pipu don
catch this disease inside 187 countries. Dem talk say the disease
don kpai 12,900 people according to W.H.O.

Wetin you go use know say person don catch this disease, the
person fit dey sick from 1 to 14 days and the disease they easily
affect old people and some people wey don get other sickness for

Person fit dey feel:
1. Cough.
2. tiredness
3. Fever.
4. The Person fit find am hard to breath.


This na the steps on how we go fit dey careful To avoid  the



1. Make we dey wash our hand many many times daily

2. Cover your nose or your hand with toilet paper when you

3. No touch your face with your hand if your hand no clean or
shake some body.

4. No hug people or stay near person wey dey sweat for this
period, make you give distance of 1 to 3 metres.



So from Pidgin Radio we dey say make una dey very careful and
follow steps to avoid am.


Na Kingsley Etim bring una this report